Thursday, August 26, 2010


Thank you for visiting my blog

I would like to introduce myself,
My full name is Muhammad Novanto Janotama
I was born in Tangerang on 21st November 1992.
I had always moved around from Tanggerang to Jakarta to Balikpapan to Semarang to Palembang and finally settled in Jakarta. It is because of my dad 's job which involved him to always move from one region to another.
Of course it makes my life is not easy, to move around, I have problems in adapting.
I was shy and difficult to meet new people,
sometimes I feel do not have any friends,
but in the long run, I used to and could put myself in the right place.
Getting old, I experienced the growth and development. Thank God, I grew up within a loving family and obedience to the norms of religion at all, so I grew into an adult person and a good man.